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  • 50% deposit required. Deposits are non-refundable unless a 24 hour cancellation notice is given. (Groups and wedding parties are required to give at least one week notice.)
  • Our talented technicians work closely with you to design the best hair style for your perfect wedding day. We require that a trial run for your hair and makeup be scheduled approximately two to three weeks prior to the wedding date to ensure a stress-free wedding day. Please bring your veil and any hair ornaments to your practice style if possible.

We also offer off site wedding services. If you want to have your hair and makeup and your entire bridal party's services done at the site of your wedding, just provide one of our front desk coordinators the address of your wedding so a trip charge can be included in your quote**.

Bridal Makeup

Our bridal makeup begins with a facial cleansing and toning, followed by a professional consultation taking great care to assist you in the perfect selections for your individual features and coloring. All this is followed by expert makeup application for a flawless look on your special day. We require that a practice makeup application be scheduled two to three weeks prior to your wedding day to ensure that your makeup artist will be prepared to fully meet your needs on the day of your wedding.

Bridal Packages

  The Bride  
  Trial and Consultation *Includes up to 3 styles $110 & up
Day of Hair
$95 & up
  Trial and Consultation $50 & up
  Day of Application $75 & up
  Hair Trial and Consultation $75 & up
  Day of Hair $75 & up
  Makeup Trial and Consultation $45 & up
  Day of Makeup $45 & up
  Manicure $25
  French Manicure $30
  Spa Pedicure $45
  French Pedicure $50
  For The Wedding Party  
  Flower Girls $40 & up
  Event Blowdrys $40 & up
  Event Up-do * Bridesmaid Up-do $75-95
  Makeup Application $45 & up
  Manicure $25
  French Manicure $30
  Spa Pedicure $45
  French Pedicure $50

**prices are subject to change based on length of time for on and off site services.

Helpful Hints for Brides

  • Try to have at least a few photographs shot at sunset, when the light is perfect. These can be the most beautiful and intimate photos.
  • Schedule a brief portrait session for just the two of you soon after the ceremony, so you can take a moment to absorb the importance of what just happened together.
  • Look no further than the family jewelry box for inspiration--heirloom jewelry will make the day unforgettable.
  • Wear diamond bracelets or statement cuffs to bring attention to your left hand, which is where everyone is looking.
  • Start shopping for bands six months before the big day to leave time for a custom design. Longer fingers can pull off wide bands; small or thick fingers should stick to skinny ones.
  • Have your jewelry cleaned by a professional before the wedding for maximum sparkle.
  • If you're customizing your wedding bands, a wider style will allow for more design details, including engraving.
  • Even if your time is crunched, be sure to schedule a trial run for your hair. Planning your style in advance is the best way to avoid last-minute surprises on the wedding day.
  • Unwashed hair prepped with a generous product application and a good blow dry is much better at holding style. Freshly washed hair can be fly away and unmanageable.
  • If you color your hair, do it at least one week in advance. Accidents happen, and you don't want to have to deal with one too close to the wedding day.
  • Brides who are prone to frizz should consider getting a keratin treatment two weeks to a month before the wedding. If you don't want to invest that much money, simply pull back your unwashed hair into a tight, slicked back chignon.
  • Ask one of your bridesmaids to carry travel size hairspray for you. It will come in handy for touch ups, especially if you're taking outdoor photographs on a windy day.