A never-ending summer is possible...

Keep your tan alive all year long by taking advantage of Karma’s fabulous Airbrush Spray Tan. You will receive amazing results - no streaky mess, orange palms, or dirty looking elbows or knees!

Here at Karma Salon & Spa, all of our expert spray tan artists have a Masters Certificate from Norvell University in Colorology and Personalized Custom Spray Tanning. Sunless LUXE utilizes the Norvell system to ensure amazing results for that perfect “just off the beach” look.

Sunless Tanning Services

Single Session $40  (Bronze, Dark, & Double Dark)


Rapid One-Hour Tan $40 

NOTE: Discounts cannot be used towards the Rapid one-hour tan

* To achieve a Light Bronze Color, do a warm water rinse in 1-hour.

* To achieve a Medium Bronze Color, do a warm water rinse in 2-hours.

* To achieve a Dark Bronze Color, do a warm water rinse in 3-hours.


* Please note that your sunless tan will not have reached its full-color development after 1, 2, or 3 hours. Your tan will continue to darken over the next several hours.


* All Tanning Session include prep and finishing spray

* Extra solution or bronzer is an extra charge

* Ask about our packages and seasonal specials!


5 Sunless Tans package $150

Before the Tan

  • Exfoliate your skin the night before your reservation.

  • Shave or wax at least eight hours prior to your reservation.

  • Thoroughly cleanse your face from all make-up and moisturizers before your reservation.

  • Wear loose fitting, dark-colored clothing, and undergarments to your reservation.

  • If you want a spray tan for a special event, we recommend you schedule your reservation for 2 to 3 days before the event for best results.

  • Our Airbrush Spray Tan is safe and effective. Full body sessions can normally take between 10-20 minutes. On average, results last between 7-10 days, depending on skin type, activities, and maintenance.

Keep your Glow

1.   Wait at least 8-12 hours before showering or bathing.

2.   Apply moisturizer the morning and evening after your post-tan shower(avoid moisturizers with AHA)

3.    Avoid long, hot baths and showers

4.    Avoid scrubbing the skin during baths and showers

5.    Pat your skin dry following a bath and shower.

6.    Avoid swimming in pools and hot tubs containing chlorine

7.   Be cautious when exercising as friction and excess sweat may cause the tan to fade.

8. You will want to rinse with warm water only. Not Hot water and no soap.

Spray Tan