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Waxing Services

The licensed Estheticians at Karma Salon & Spa specialize in waxing and hair removal!

Trust us when we say that you do not want someone who simply offers the service. At Karma Salon & Spa, our stylists are both skilled and experienced in the art of waxing and offer many solutions for any unwanted hair. All waxing services are customized for your skin type.

Waxing Disclaimer

If you are on or using any type of acne treatment, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to inform your service provider before continuing in any wax related services. Please notify your stylist if you are using any acne treatment such as Retinae, Accutane, Aczone and more. Please know that your skin is in a sensitive state and we will not be able to wax until you have been cleared by your Doctor.

Brow Shaping: $15

Lip Wax: $15

Full Face: $45

Waxing Tips

    1.Don’t ever, ever, ever get anything waxed on your face close to a big event like your wedding, prom or anything else that could possibly be considered a big event. Waxing can cause some redness and swelling in those with sensitive skin. If you are not 100% certain of how your skin will react, it is best to get waxed 1-2 days before your event.


4. Don’t just let anyone wax your eyebrows!  Make sure you go to someone who has an eye for design and symmetry, like the stylists at Karma! Cheaper is not always better. Your eyebrows are one of the focus points of your face they are worth it.


5. Don’t over tweeze your brows into and then come in to get waxed. The more hair, the better in this case as it helps with shaping. On most occasions, if your brows are over-tweezed before waxing, you may be asked to wait a month or two before coming back to get waxed- for the integrity of your eyebrows! If you don’t have brow hair to wax and shape, you won’t walk out having Brooke Shields' iconic brows.


6. Don’t take Ibuprofen or any other blood thinner before waxing; you at a higher risk for bruising.


7. Tell your stylist if you are using a Retin-A or anything with Retinol on your face. Even if you are getting your brows waxed, the medicine can migrate down to your eyelids and cause you to tear the skin. So never, never lie about it.


8. Use benzoyl peroxide to help kill bacteria and an anti bacterial wash with salicylic in it to help with the “post wax bumps.” Clean and Clear has some cheap options that work. Also, Tendskin is another option that is really popular. Aloe Vera helps to soothe the skin as well.


9. Use a Salicylic and a good loofa in between waxing’s to prevent those lovely post wax in-growns. But please don’t go loofa sponge happy and then douse yourself with Salicylic, it will burn and you won’t be happy. Rotate between the two. Use sterilized tweezers if you get an in-grown to get it out.


10. Don’t try and wax yourself unless you really know what you are doing. Your eyebrows you can get messed up easily. Leave it to the pros.


Waxing Do's


  • DO exfoliate; gently exfoliate the skin prior to waxing.

  • DO let your hair grow; For Waxing, the hair needs to be approximately ¼ inch long. Please allow about two weeks of hair growth before your visit. 

  • DO use a sun block after waxing if exposing skin to the sun within 24 – 48 hours to avoid hyper-pigmentation.

  • DO leave plenty of time for Special Events or Occasions to allow for any unforeseen circumstances, breakouts, illness, etc.

  • DO make us aware if using Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Glycolic Acid, Renova, Salicylic Acid, Avage, Apricot Scrub, Neutrogena Scrub, Avita, Strivectin, Tazorac, Pro-Active, Benzoyl Peroxide, or any other topical or oral medications that can affect the outcome of a waxing treatment.

  • DO make us aware if you have experienced difficulties with your waxing treatments in the past.

  • DO exfoliate; 24 – 48 hours after waxing, gently exfoliate the area again.  This helps prevent ingrown hairs. Apply an ingrown hair remover 48 hours after waxing to prevent the potential for ingrown hairs

  • DO keep hands away from touching freshly waxed skin, as this can encourage irritation or small pimples


Waxing Don'ts


  • DON’T apply moisturizer beforehand.

  • DON’T expose newly waxed areas to the sun, hot tubs, sauna, suntan booths or extreme heat for 24-48 hours; the areas that have been waxed are both sensitive and vulnerable.

  • DON'T wear tight pants or panties for the next few days.

  • DON’T use heavily perfumed or thick lotions on freshly waxed skin.

  • DON’T work out after waxing (unless prior positive experience).

  • DON’T touch a newly waxed area if hands are not clean.

  • DON’T wax after Tanning, Laser Resurfacing or Chemical Peel.

  • DON’T or use products containing alcohol after facial waxing.

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