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Want longer and thicker hair?
Hair extensions are the answer.

Wishing that your hair could be longer and thicker instantly without having to wait months for it to grow? Hair extensions can make that dream come true! Using the best extensions on the market, we match to your own hair color or mix in different colors for beautiful highlights. Get that dazzling length and volume that you've always wanted.  We have a wide range of extension types, so come find out what type works best for you!



- Heat Infused






-Beaded Hand tied Wefts

*certified in all extensions options and manufacturers*

*Complimentary consultation required with all extensions

**Extension Application & Maintenance Appointments require a 50% of appointment cost deposit to book. 

***Deposit will be forfeited in the case of a missed appointment:

No shows

Cancelling without a 24-hour notice

Excessive Tardiness, hendering stylists schedule

Extension Policies

We offer complimentary extension maintenance within 7 days of the extension application! Any maintenance needed past the initial 7 day period will be charged a maintenance fee based on the services needed.

Please be aware that the normal duration of Tape-In extensions is four to six weeks at the longest. 

Extension Hair Care

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How to maintain your hair extensions


Before entering chlorinated or salt water:

  • soak your hair thoroughly with clean water

  • apply conditioner or spray leave-in conditioner onto your hair. This will give the hair extensions a barrier of protection by preventing them from soaking up as much chlorine or salt.

  • Aviod soaking extensions in water for long periods of time as salt or chlorine damage can occur

  • put your hair in a ponytail or loose braid

After getting out of the water:

  • immediately wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner to remove salt, chlorine, sweat or oil from the hair. 

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can strip the pigments from your extensions- exposing the original undertones, causing dryness, frizziness and tangling. Avoid this by:

  • keeping your hairs' sun exposure to a minimum

  • using leave-in conditioner, which contains UV protection benefits

Tips to keep your hair extensions looking beautiful.


Brush your hair at least twice a day from roots to ends, securing your hair with the other hand to prevent tension on the roots. Brush well before wetting your hair with an extension safe-brush



Wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner, at most 3 times a week. Do not shampoo the hair within the first 48 hours of the installation. After wetting the hair, gently apply the shampoo to the root area. Using your fingers, lightly massage between the tape/bonds, separating  them well to remove any residue and oils. Rinse out. Do not vigorously scrub your hair as tangling may occur. Apply conditioner from mid-length to the ends. Never condition at the root area. For deeper conditioning, leave conditioner on for a few extra minutes or use a hydrating treatment once a week. Do not go to sleep with wet hair, as this will cause tangling and knotting. Loose braid your hair before your hair before you go to sleep. 


Your new extensions can be styled endlessly but there are a few recommendations. Do not aim a blow dryer directly at the tape/bond area. Do not flat iron the tape/bonds. Begin your pass a little lower than the tape/bond are. Apply a heat protectant spray to the ends of your extensions to protect them from excessive heat styling damage.


Before any physical activity (pool, beach, gym, biking, etc.) secure hair well in a braid, ponytail, or under a cap. Make sure to wash hair very well soon after to remove any chemicals, sweat, or residue. 

Contact Karma with any questions you may have!

Karma's Secrets

Karma's Stay Away

  • Before bed braid hair, to avoid tangles

  • Brush hair everyday, using a soft brush

  • Wash hair upright

  • Do not go to bed with wet hair

  • After a pool and/or beach day, wash the pool and salt water out of your hair

  • Keep your hair up in a ponytail while working out

  • Never do any chemical processes to your own hair, save it for a stylist 

  • Stay Away from using oil or alcohol based product close to your tapes/bonds

  • Stay Away from brushing, washing, or drying your hair upside down

  • Stay Away from going to bed with wet hair

  • Stay Away from using unnecessary heat on your tapes

  • Stay Away from getting sunscreen or bronzing creams on the lengths of the hair





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