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Want longer and thicker hair?
Hair extensions are the answer.

Wishing that your hair could be longer and thicker instantly without having to wait months for it to grow? Hair extensions can make that dream come true! Using the best extensions on the market, we match to your own hair color or mix in different colors for beautiful highlights. Get that dazzling length and volume that you've always wanted.  We have a wide range of extension types, so come find out what type works best for you!

Hair extensions/ Hand-tied extensions/tape-ins/clip-ins/halos/ Buford Salon/Karma Salon


-Hand tied Wefts






*Certified in all extensions options and manufacturers*

*Complimentary consultation required with all extensions*

**Extension Application & Maintenance Appointments require a                     50% of appointment cost deposit to book. *

***Deposit will be forfeited in the case of a missed appointment:

                                    No shows

             Cancelling without a 24-hour notice

       Excessive Tardiness, hendering stylists schedule

Extension Policies

We offer complimentary extension maintenance within 7 days of the extension application! Any maintenance needed past the initial 7 day period will be charged a maintenance fee based on the services needed. 

Extension Hair Care

Long HAir/ Hand-tied wefts/ Belami hair/ Hair extensions
Platnium Hair/ Long Blonde hair/ Extensions/ Hand-tied extensions
Long extension hair/ Wefts/ Tape-ins/Halos/ real human hair extensions
Pink hair extensions/ Long hair/ hand-tied wefts/ bombshell extesions

How to maintain your hair extensions

Vacation Responsibly

We do NOT reccomend swiming with extensions

  • If you decide to swim (get your hair wet in Chlorine or saltwater):

    • Spray Leave-in conditioner all over your extensions and comb through to act as a barrier.​

    • Shampoo and Condition your hair/extensions as soon as your done swimming.

  • Risks:​

    • Discoloration (Peach/Orange) of your extensions​

    • Tangling/matting

    • Excessive dryness

Sunscreen & Self-Tanner

Sunscreen and self-tanner will discolor your extensions.

  • Avoid suncreen getting in/touching your extensions

  • Avoid sunscreen with Avobenzone as an ingredient

  • Put up hair when applying self-tanner

  • Will turn the hair peach/orange color

Purple Shampoo

Please see your stylist for toning preferences

  • Do not put purple shampoo directly on the extensions

  • Certain purple shampoos will stain the extensions purple

  • Purple shampoo can cause the extensions to dry out

NO Protein/ Bond-Building Enriched Products

  • Avoid using bond-building or protein products on your extensions

    • Overproduction of protein can cause breakage and dryness to the hair (Olaplex)​



  • Brush your hair at least twice a day (Morning and before bed)

  • Section hair off and brush inbetween the extensions, excessive matting or tangling will occur if the hair isnt brushed inbetween

  • Brush well before wetting your hair with an extension safe-brush

  • Brush your hair starting at the ends, working your way to the root



  • Wash your hair once a week(Use dry-shampoo inbetween washes)

  • Make sure you are using a shampoo and conditioner reccomended by your stylist

  • When washing your extensions make sure to get inbetween the extensions, product left in hair will cause damage to extensions

  • NEVER go to sleep with your hair wet

Styling/ Blowdrying

  •  Apply a heat protectant spray to the ends of your extensions

  • Get hair 80% dry before round brushing

  • Do NOT go above 350 degrees with any heat-styling tool

  • Put hair oil on the ends of your extensions to keep them from getting dry and shedding

  • Put hair in a loose, low ponytail or braid before sleeping

  • Use a silk pillow case


  • Before any physical activity (pool, beach, gym, biking, etc.) secure hair well in a braid, ponytail, or under a cap. 

Remeber Extensions are not your natural hair! Special care and attention needds to be taken when caring for your hair extensions!

We do not garuntee any extensions if the rules above are disregarded. Extensions are not your natural hair, special care and attention needs to be taken when caring for your hair extensions.





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Cinderella Hair/ Hair extensions/ Karma Salon
Bombshell Extension CO. / Hair extensions
Bellami hair extensions/ HAir extensions/ Karma Salon/ Buford GA
JZ Styles hair extensions/ Hair extensions/ Karma Salon and spa
Platinum Seamless HAir extensions/ HAir extensions/ Karma Salon/ Buford GA Salon
Great Lengths/ HAir extensions
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